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Yellow Pointing Labs

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Cessna HPK Female Pointing Lab

Black Pointing Labs

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Chocolate Pointing Labs

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Is a started dog right for you?

Do you want a started pointing lab that is ready to go now instead of 6 months to a year later?

Do you want a great hunting and family dog, but don’t have the time to work with it properly?

Learn more about our HPK Signature Started Hunting Dogs!

Our Intent & Purpose raising pointing labs

In any type of business it is important to have a clear intent and purpose.  Hunters Point Kennel is no different. Danny Allen and Byron Fagg summed up our intent and purpose in 1987 when they said:

“Our intent is to produce the best possible hunting dogs and family companions.”

Did you know, we use probiotics for our dogs, especially newborns?

Probiotics for dogs are becoming extremely popular, and for good reason.  Find out more about your dog’s health and wellness tips at K9 Media.

Since 1992, Hunters Point Kennel has excelled in breeding pointing labs for the discriminating buyer. HPK specializes in building working dogs for the upland field, duck marsh, and the home.

We offer all three colors to suit our customer’s needs – Black, Yellow, and Chocolate.

HPK takes the time to thoroughly research each customer’s unique needs in a hunting dog. We then are able to make specific recommendations as to what genetic packages will fit those clients’ expectations.

Before you purchase your next hunting or working dog please give us a call to discuss your needs today! You will not be disappointed in our pointing labs.

“Hunters Point Kennel is great! They worked with me every step of the way and helped us find an amazing chocolate pointing lab that makes a great hunting companion, and a great dog my family and I love! I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

– James B.