CPR HPK's Baby it's Cold Outside

Snowy HPK Female Pointing Lab

Call Name: Snowy

Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever (APLA)
OFA Excellent
Yellow (White)
65 lbs

HPK’s Baby it's Cold Outside

Snowy is a damn fine-looking yellow female lab – that borders on the white coloration of her grandfather MPR Brock’s Golden Nugget. She has a broad head, well-proportioned body, and is a natural athlete. I believe she is one of the nicest looking females we have right now. Her looks remind me of CPR HPK’s Cherry Wine and CPR HPK’s Do You Believe in Magic.

Her sire is GMPR HPK’s Mr. Bo Jangles SH and her dam is CPR HPK’s Brown Sugar. We made this combination and kept two dogs out of it — Snowy and her sister Elley. Our goal was quite literally to get a dog that was relatively strong-willed, with a desire that does not quit. Snowy is all that and more. 

Some of you may ask — Why on earth would you intentionally breed a hard-headed dog? We didn’t.

We bred for a dog that was relatively strong-willed. The goal was to make dogs would cross well back to Bear and Griz. Bear and Griz both tend to produce softer dogs. It is quite possible, with some of our females crossed to Griz, to make puppies whose feelings can be hurt by raising your voice. Since not all our clients are after this type of dog, we created Snowy and Elley. Dogs with HUGE motors and LOADS of talent, that have their own mind and will go their own way.

Snowy fast, determined, smart, and driven. She will cover an upland field very quickly and has a nose that allows her to do so accurately. Waterfowl is not a problem for her, the dog will duck hunt longer that I can sit in the blind. She does want to please the handler, but it is second in her mind to going hunting. She is the type of dog that will quit retrieving when she passes out from exhaustion.

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