HPK's WhistlePig Straight Rye Manhattan SH

Call Name: Declan

Titles: AKC SH title (8/8 in competition so far)
OFA Excellent
OFA Normal
Color Factor: Chocolate – Hidden Black (EEbb)
 / Non Dilute
Clear by testing
Clear by testing
Clear by testing
87 lbs
10/8/19                                                                                                    AKC Reg: SS15583204                                                                                           UKC Reg: R326-617

Pedigree: Click Here


Declan’s Pedigree Highlights

Declan is 4x-Griz’s grandson and has a loaded pedigree including being sired by 4x parents and having 4/6 dogs in his last two generation pedigree as 4xGMPR’s.  He is also loaded with hunt test and field trial talent with many SH, MH, QAA, QA2, FC & AFC titles.  15-Grand Master Pointing Retrievers, 13-Master Hunter, 23-Amateur Field Champions, 22-Field Champions,9-Qualified All Age, 2- National Amateur Field Champion, and 3-National Field Champion! Some of the biggest names in the Pointing lab world and the Field Trial world have come together to create a truly exceptional animal!

Declan is located in Ankeny, IA and is currently training for hunt tests and field trials.

Declan will be siring litters for Hunters Point Kennel. Declan is available for stud to approved outside bitches.

Contact Nate Hamblin for more information

Field Trial pedigree highlights

Pointing Lab pedigree highlights 

  • 4xGMPR Griz SH
  • 4xGMPR Woodrow QA2 MH
  • 4xGMPR Onyx SH
  • 4xGMPR Val SH
  • GMPR Tyra MH
  • GMPR Wannamakers Hottub SH
  • GMPR Cajun of Black Forest MH
  • MPR RattlinRidge’s Bronco Bill MH
  • GMPR MHR HRCH Blackdog’s Bonkerjohn Kate QAA MH

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