CPR Tatanka Bluffs Bindy

Bindy HPK Female Pointing Lab

Call Name: Bindy

Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever (APLA)
60 lbs

HPK’s Tatanka Bluffs Bindy

Bindy is one heck of an intense dog. She is one of those dogs that is simply focused on her job and always ready to be “ON”. When one takes the time to analyze her pedigree the intensity and focus make complete sense. Her Sire – 4XGMPR Cashmans Super Trooper MH – is one hell of a dog that traces his roots back to Raider (Riks Risky Raider MH a very popular stud dog here in the Midwest). It is quite easy to see Trooper’s head and build in his daughter Bindy. Sandy, (Bindy’s Dam) was also a 4XGMPR and a Senior Hunter. She traces her lines back to Reno’s Black Ice – an extremely talented dog in her own right.

With these two dogs, what do you get? One hell of a bird dog that’s what. Bindy will cover a field very quickly and with ease. Her retrieves are crisp, and she is very soft-mouthed. As a kennel owner, I have really enjoyed the type of puppies she produces.

Does she have an off switch? Absolutely! She will lay down and ask for a pat on the head at the end of the day. 

As I mentioned before, Bindy looks quite a bit like trooper – her sire. Her head shape is squared off and a bit blockier than the average female. She has a deep chest and an athletic build making her quite pleasing to the eye. Below and to the Left is a 2-year-old neutered 4XGMPR Capone and Bindy Puppy.

Note the square shape to the back of his head, broad chest and thick body. Bindy produced a dog that is well suited to waterfowl work due to his build. As a side note, the family who owns this looker has several small children running around and he is as gentle as a nursemaid.

So bottom line on Bindy:

  • Intense upland field hunter
  • Strong swimmer well suited to waterfowl work
  • Calm enough to be in the house. 
  • Produces strongly built, square pups. 
  • Pups will be good with families and children as well as field dogs.

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