CPR - HPK's Cherry Brandy

Cherry Brandy HPK Female Pointing Lab

Call Name: Cherry

Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever (APLA)
Yellow (Red)
58 lbs

About Cherry Brandy

Cherry is one of the most natural hunting dogs that I have every seen. She passed her Certified Pointing Retriever test with VERY little training… it was more like guidance actually.

Cherry hunts like her father “Bo” (GMPR HPK’s Mr. Bo Jangles SH) and her Grandfather (APLA Hall of Fame Dog GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corky) before her. Due to this fact she has a very distinct personality of her own — and yet will easily go the direction her handler wants her to.

Cherry’s puppies will be able to compete in the hunt test world with no problem at all. They will make excellent hunting dogs. And most importantly, like previous generations of HPK dogs, she will make an excellent family companion. 

Cherry is one of the most natural hunting dogs I have ever seen. She is strong enough to bring back a goose and has the energy to hunt all day in the upland field. In short, she is just like the type of dog that HPK seeks to produce. Good looking, hard hunting, and calm in the house/kennel.

Interested in a Puppy in Cherry's Litter?