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Please don’t hesitate to give us a call with questions, Lord knows there is a ton of information to digest on this site.  If the liter is listed here we have some kind of availability!

Chocolate Pointing Labs.
Puppies. Rare. Different. Unique. Something that many folks don’t have.

Let’s pretend today is a pointing lab puppy pick-up day. Imagine on this day, families from all over the country travel to our kennel to pick out their new pointing lab puppy and take it home.

During the selection process, the questions of color ALWAYS comes up — usually at the beginning of the conversation. What made you go with the color you picked? The answers range from “chocolate dogs blend into the background better in a duck boat” to “the only way my wife would let me have a dog is to get a chocolate”.

This decision is never an easy one. Therefore we put together some thoughts that might help as you look to bring a new pointing lab puppy into your life.

Point — 01.

There are three colors of Labrador Retrievers.

  • Black
  • Yellow – And all its phases.
  • Chocolate

Point — 02.

Chocolate Female Pointing Labs are more popular!

Chocolate female pointing lab pups are simply THE most popular color and sex we sell. They have been for the last several years running. Why? Not really sure. But I can tell you that the number of calls we get for chocolate pointing lab female puppies is about 20 for every chocolate female pups we make.


Now that being said– Hunters Point Kennel WILL NOT breed exclusively for color. Our puppies need to be able to perform in the field.


Just like a vehicle – color to me is a paint job. Its icing on the cake. We need to focus on multiple factors in building great pointing labs. Moral of the story: If a chocolate pointing lab female puppy is what you desire:

  1.   Get on the list early. 6-7 months in advance helps us a great deal.
  2.   Shoot for a take home date of January or July. The slow times in our business tend to be in these two months. It definitely can increase the chances of available puppies.
  3.   Wish our momma dogs luck! Hope that they produce the color and sex that we are after. 😊

Point — 03.

Unique Fact

If you have a chocolate lab with any sort of American Field Champion blood lines you can likely trace one of the pedigree lines to Buccleuch Avon – a dog born in 1855 that sired “liver colored pups”.

Avon had a long history that I won’t detail here, but suffice it to say – chocolate colored lab puppies have been around a long time.

Despite being around for a LONG period of time chocolate lab puppies were not accepted for registry for almost 100 years after Avon whelping.

Some Reasons Why People Prefer Chocolate Pointing Lab Puppies as Learned in the Selection Process:

  • Everybody I know has Black or Yellow dogs. I want something different.
  • Chocolate blends in with the background. The dog won’t stand out.
  • I can see the chocolate fur on the carpet, I know when to vacuum
  • I have had 5 chocolate labs, this will be my sixth.
  • The only way my wife agreed to let me have a dog is if it was chocolate.
  • I love the way they look.
  • They blend in better in a duck blind.

This list is endless. Select the color of pointing lab puppy you like best. The simple fact is – Chocolate pointing lab puppies are in more demand than any other color we sell. Think in advance if your wanting a brown dog.