4XGMPR Griz SH -X- CPR Sadie — Chocolate Pointing Lab Puppies


Birth Date: 6/24

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NOTE:  we have males, and females available at this time.

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This breeding has produced a very nice litter of pups — and what else would you expect from a litter sired by Griz?  Chocolate.  Driven.  and yet, will still make one hell of a house companion.


As many of you over the years have learned, Griz was an exceptional chocolate dog.  At one point in time he was the youngest 4XGMPR ever.  He excelled in the upland field, loved the duck blind and — to his credit — tolerated a cat in the house during his later years.  Griz passed away in 2022 — so litters from him will be few and far between.  You can read more about his specifics here.


Sadie is a really awesome little speedster HPK.  Small, compact, and hunts like hell.  The dog goes everywhere around the kennel with a love of life.  Its almost like she has a smile on her face to do anything you ask.  Best part is she — she points — HARD.  All in all a win for us.  This little dog is still shaped very well.  Square, well proportioned, and (like I mentioned earlier) has a motor that doesn’t quit.  This is her second litter for us.

Soooo what will the litter be suited for? Upland work and hunt tests will be fine. I would say that they will be fast enough for some run and gun stuff. Small water work — as I don’t think the females especially will be huge — ponds, marshes, puddles and all field waterfowl hunting one should be just fine. The only area I would say would be a challenge would be big water — the open Mississippi, or Lake Erie, for example — just because the dogs are not going to be overly large. Anticipate males from 65-80 lbs; females in the 55-65 lbs range.



Puppy Color and Sex

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