4XGMPR Capone SH -X- CPR Georgia — Yellow (Red) Pointing Lab Puppies


Go home date:  Estimated March 1st. 2023 (Spring Pups)

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4XGMPR Capone SH -X- CPR Georgia — Yellow (Red) Pointing Lab Puppies

The puppies in this litter are all yellow — leaning toward the fox red phase of the color. Time will tell how dark yellow or “red” they get. Fox Red Pointing Lab Puppies seem to be more and more popular every year and this year is no exception. I fully expect that these dogs will not be available for long.

There is no doubt in my mind that Georgia and Capones pups will be go-getters. As they mature and develop I would anticipate dogs that hunt like their hair is on fire demonstrating a level of drive that is through the roof. I anticipate that the dogs will be able to take some collar — but that you should not NEED to use it. If they are like their Sire and Dam, once they learn to play the game — you should be good to go. The linage in this litter is unique simply due to the fact that it is a combination of highly titled APLA and AKC dogs as well some blue-collar hunting dogs that also double as foot warmers at night by the fire.

Soooo what will the litter be suited for? Upland work and hunt tests will be fine. I would say that they will be fast enough for some run and gun stuff. Small water work — as I don’t think the females especially will be huge — ponds, marshes, puddles and all field waterfowl hunting one should be just fine. The only area I would say would be a challenge would be big water — the open Mississippi, or Lake Erie, for example — just because the dogs are not going to be overly large. Anticipate males from 65-80 lbs; females in the 55-65 lbs range.