Pointing Lab Males - The Studs

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Male (Stud) Pointing Labs

Welcome to Hunters Point Kennel Male Pointing Labs OR Stud Dogs, all depends on your preferred terminology.

Thanks for stopping! For those of you that have been here before, it is obvious that we are working on a new layout for our website. As in all things technology, it takes some time to get it right.

Our website techs, or nerds (depending upon how you look at it), are hard at work at adding the dogs involved in our Spring 2020 litters. As time allows we will continue to add all of our dogs.

So thanks in advance for your patience…and we look forward to helping you in the future!

Bo HPK male Pointing Lab
Bear HPK male Pointing Lab
Griz HPK male Pointing Lab
Capone HPK male Pointing Lab

“Hunters Point Kennel is great! They worked with me every step of the way and helped us find an amazing chocolate pointing lab that makes a great hunting companion, and a great dog my family and I love! I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

– James B.