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Cutest. Darn. Thing. Ever.

Quite possibly one of the most fascinating things we get to do as breeders is pointing lab puppy pick-up day.

On these days, families from all over the country travel to our kennel to select their new pointing lab puppy.

During the selection process, many questions are asked both buy the clients of us, and us of the clients. At some point during the conversation, the discussion of color will ultimately pup up. Why did you select the color of dog you did? The answers range from “My dad had yellow pointing lab puppies growing up” to “Its hot in Texas, who would own black”.

So – with all these answers it appears necessary to outline some of the basic facts about yellow pointing Labrador retriever puppies and then list several of the many reason folks pick out yellow pointing lab puppies…(some of them are really quite funny).

The intent here is to help you sort through the junk out there and get to the facts about the different colors.

Points to Consider

Point #1

There are three colors of labrador retreivers

There are three main colors when it comes to retriever / pointing labs, and those colors consist of:

  • Black
  • Yellow – And all its phases.
  • Chocolate

Point #2

Color has no effect on hunting ability

Have you ever bought a new vehicle? Dumb question, I know but stop and think about how different colors of vehicles there are on the road. Does one color run better than another? God, I hope not.

Pointing Labradors are the same way. The dogs hunt because of the genetics that make up their entire selves. The color is simply one factor. Yellow Pointing Lab puppies don’t hunt any better or worse than any other color. It is simply mind boggling how many folks have it stuck in their heads that coat color determines how well the dog hunts, and simply put, it is NOT TRUE.

Point #3

Yellow labs come in many colors

Fox Red Pointing Labs have been very popular in the last several years, as have white pointing labs. These dogs are all considered to be “Yellow” pointing labs. Breeders have some limited control over the phases, but not as much as you would think. The color phases are caused by expression of pheomelanin, the pigment responsible for red and yellow pigmentation.

The effects on pheomelanin pigmentation are only seen if there is no eumelanin expressed in the fur. If eumelanin is expressed in the fur of the dog in question the dark eumelanin will mask any pheomelanin present, and thus these differences in yellow Pointing Labs.

“Hunters Point Kennel is great! They worked with me every step of the way and helped us find an amazing chocolate pointing lab that makes a great hunting companion, and a great dog my family and I love! I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

– James B.

Reasons to consider a yellow pointing lab

Here are some reasons why people prefer yellow pointing lab puppies as learned in the selection process:

  • Yellow is a lighter color than black or chocolate. The dog won’t get hot as fast.
  • Yellow fur wont show on my carpet
  • My wife loves yellow Labs.
  • My kids Love yellow labs.
  • The only way my wife agreed to let me have a dog is if it was yellow
  • My last lab was yellow – seems like the thing to do.
  • I love the way they look.
  • They blend in better in a duck blind, or laying in corn stalks.

This list can go on and on. To us it appears that people have a multitude of reasons folks select yellow pointing labs over black or chocolate. What it boils down to is this. Our dogs hunt. All of them. Get what color you like best.