MPR Drifter -X- CPR Sugar Smack — Yellow (Lighter Yellow) Pointing Lab Puppies


Go home date:  Estimated March 1st. 2023 (Spring Pups)

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MPR Drifter -X- CPR Sugar Smack — Yellow (Leaning toward white) Pointing Lab Puppies

This litter is one that simply makes me smile. MPR Drifter is a really nice boy.  75 lbs of big happy yellow Labrador retriever.  His genetics are relatively new to us, but I can tell you he is one of the best behaved dogs I have been around in long time.  Very laid back around the kennel and home.  Drifter is at his core — just easy to get along with.  His hunting style though is aggresive.  and his point — is impressive.  See Below.


The other half of the pedigree — Sugar Smack — is a sweet little CPR dog from Vaider (and Raider in turn) lines. The little dog is bird crazy though and is a joy to watch work. She literally is one of the few dogs that I remember “smiling” as she runs through the field. Compact, but pleasing, this is truly a match-up of the small and the large.

So — what to expect? Males 65-80 lbs. Females 55-70 lbs. Difter will throw the “white” phase of yellow. Sugar Smack is bordering on white herself with no chocolate factor. Therefore we SHOULD get White and yellow pups. 

Puppies will be born in Late December. Should go home in Early March.

Looking forward to what these dogs will produce. Should be Amazing!!!!