When are the best Lab Puppies for Sale in Iowa?

Sometimes the best pedigreed puppies are all about timing…

So, you’re looking for Lab Puppies for Sale in Iowa? Sweeeeeet…. I think (humbly) you have come the right place.

But when, dear reader, is the best time to buy Lab Puppies in Iowa?

Hint: Its not Spring.

Hint, Hint: Its not Fall.

Summer and Mid-Winter you say? Why the hell would anybody want to buy a dog then?

Simple: The demand is low, and the availability is high. Simple economics folks.



High Demand In the Spring and the Fall:

Amateur dog handlers want to buy dogs in the spring (before June 15th) and early fall (before Oct. 15th). The reasons for this are seem complicated, but are quite simple:

Spring Puppy Buyers want two things:

  • #1 – Folks who by dogs in the spring don’t want to potty train a puppy when there is snow on the ground. People over 55? Um…yep. Folks who are on their umpteenth dog and have gotten tired of the shenanigans that puppies present? Yep. This is who I am referring to. They all want to train in the spring. These folks have gotten tired of shoveling out a path for little Fido to pee in during the cold dreary months of the mid-west between December and March.
  • #2 – Spring puppy buyers want a dog who is “somewhat” capable of hunting the following fall season. 6-8 months-ish.   Pretty straight forward really – by a pup in the spring, go hunting in the fall.
  • SECRET REASON #3 – I am convinced after 13 years of raising animals that there is a deeply embedded instinct about birth, and renewal of life during the spring months. Folks in climates affected by major swings weather and temperature are pre-programmed to welcome new life, and new beginnings as spring approaches. We plant gardens, hatch baby chicks, calves are born etc. Its genetic…genes run deep and are hard to argue with. People like small animals in the spring. Period.

Ironically enough most folks in the Midwest who are professional dog handlers want to by their puppies in the Fall. The reasons for this, just like their spring loving counterparts, are very simple:


Fall puppy buyers fall into two categories:

  • The “Oh Shit” category – which are still the amateur type buyer. These buyers realize that “oh shit” hunting season is in October and it is currently August. I need a new dog!!! So, they run around at light speed trying to buy up any dog they can get their hands for a reasonable price.
  • The Pro-Category. These folks make their living hunting. Guiding for other people on preserves across the country. They need a dog that is more of a tool than a buddy. These guys all buy dogs in the fall. They want a dog, that by the following season is more than 9 months old. If you have been around a few dogs, it seems clear to me that these guys are on the right track. There is a huge maturity difference between a dog that is 6-8 months old and a dog that is 9-12 months old. If I was making my living guiding with my dogs…9 months plus is the way to go.

TO SUM UP:   In the January – March time frame, as has been stated previously, people don’t want to potty train in the cold. In the June-August gap, folks are on vacation, or have commitments that lends them to believe that “Now is not the time” to grab a Lab puppy for sale in Iowa (or any other state for that matter).



So when IS the best time to find labs for sale in Iowa? So when IS the best time to find labs for sale in Iowa?

So why then, would I say that the best time to buy Lab puppies in Iowa is during the off times? I.e. January-March and late June- mid August?

Simply put, many folks don’t want dogs during this time frame, thus a low demand situation.

AND — mother nature does not conform to our schedules, thus occasionally leading to a high supply situation.

Dogs come into season, when mother nature brings them into season — plain and simple.  As a breeder you have two choices when your dog comes into season in such a way that the puppies will hit 8 weeks of age during the low demand time of the year.

  1. Breed the dog, risk losing some money
  2. or don’t breed the dog and guarantee that you won’t make any money.

The result of these decisions, for the puppy buyer, is that there are some amazing litters for sale in the dead of winter and the heat of summer. Is the timing perfect? Nope. Does it fit into the buyers schedule? Doubt it.

But is it a quality litter(?), for a reasonable price(?), that gives you a nice selection of pups (again here the demand is lower) yep. Absolutely.


Bottom Line: If you’re willing to buy lab puppies in Iowa when other folks are not, you can get one hell of a nice dog without a ton of leg work.