What is a pointer lab mix?

Pointer lab mix versus Pointing Lab

Pointer Lab Mixes are truly just a mixed breed dog.

Believe it or not there is a large number of customers who call us looking for a Pointer Lab Mix.  They honestly believe that a pointing lab breeder is simply a guy crossing pointers and labs — making essentially mixed breed dogs.  

It never fails.  On a random day, at any old random time…..

The phone rings……..(I answer)….”This is Justin.”  

“Hello is this Hunters Point Kennel?….you that guy with the dogs?”

“That’s me….what can I do to help you?”

“You the guy that raises Pointer Lab Mix dogs?”

Picture me rolling my eyes right now — “Nope. I raise pointing labs — pointer lab mix dogs are just mutts”. 

“Oh”, says the random customer.  I thought they were the same thing.  

And from here the conversation gets into specifics…..I am here to tell you that there is a large difference between “pointer lab mix dogs” and pointing labs.  Do each have their advantages?  I believe that is accurate…..

What is the difference between a the two different dogs?   

Pointer Lab mixes are just exactly what they are named after.  They are mixed breed dogs; a combination of a pointing breed (like an GSP or an English Pointer).  They can be tall, short, sleek, boxy, hyper, or calm — they are really all over the place.  Even their color is completely variable based on the parents.  Again — they are mutts.  

Pointing Labs are purebred Labrador Retrievers that have a tendency to point instead of flush.  Many moons ago when people were creating the breed Labrador Retriever one of the first crosses that was made (at least the way it was explained to me) were NewFoundlands crossed with Gordon’s Setters and Black Setters.  This means that there was always a portion of the Labrador Retriever population that showed this pointing characteristic.  For years — since labs were to be a flushing breed — those dogs that showed the point were culled out the population.  In about the mid 1980’s guys started to select FOR the pointing characteristic instead of against it — and now we have pointing labs.  

Why buy a Pointing Lab instead of a pointer lab mix?

My answer?  Temperament and purpose (or end use).  If you are going to keep the dog in the house why not be very selective about the temperament of the dog you are going to buy?  Purebred dogs — when bred properly– give you an excellent chance of being able to predict the characteristics of the dog you will end up with.  The whole name of the breeding game is to pick desirable characteristics of an animal you like and repeat those characteristics in their offspring.  

Pointers or GSP’s are not known for being the greatest house dogs.  It would only make sense that their offspring would carry some of that quality — even if you breed them with a more calm animal like a lab.  So along that line of thinking, a pointer lab mix, you would think would be much more energetic than your standard purebred lab.  

As far as end use goes, are you the buyer a duck hunter as well?  Not all pointers retrieve — but you can be rest assured a properly made purebred lab will.  There is every chance that the pointer lab mix dog will carry that non-retriever trait with it.  End use is important.  

So why then would you buy a pointer lab mix?  The answer?  Simple.  Purchase price. 

Pointer Lab Mixes are mutts.  Mixed breed dogs.  They don’t command the purchase price of a purebred animal.  You are going to spend between $1000 and $3500 for a well bred lab or a well bred Pointer.  I would be willing to bet you can get a pointer lab mix for well under $500.