CPR Shooters Seal the Deal


Call Name: Seal

Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever (APLA)
Hips: OFA Good
Eyes: CERF
Color: Black
Size: 65 lbs
Whelped: 05/28/2013


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Shooters Seal the Deal:

Seal has been quite the addition to the kennel.  She is a bouncing happy black pointing lab of about 65 lbs — and is built like a tank.  Honestly, the dog is strong as a bull moose. Although not overly large she is compactly built with powerful legs and a very square set of shoulders.

Seal’s Sire is 4XGMPR Wandermers Tazverniti QAA MH.  Taz is (as you can see by all the turkey tracks by his name) a very well-titled, well-known dog from Tiger Mountain Kennels in Ellensburg Wa.  Taz brings great bird drive, desire to please, and a pleasing shape to his daughter seal.

Seal’s Dam is  4XGMPR Medicine Beau’s Bailey MH.  She too, like Taz produced many excellent pointing labs during her time. 


As you would expect from any pair of 4XGMPR’s Seals point is steady as a rock. In addition, the dog works an upland bird field in a methodic back and forth manner that would make any trainer proud.  

Her parents have given her an excellent off switch as well.  Since seal has been here she has been an easy dog to take care of, and simply a joy to have around the kennel.  She tends to be one of those dogs that has a smile on her face most of the time and is excited to do anything she is asked.  If that means jump in a kennel — than we do it with joy. If that means go get a bird? — than so much the better.  

When needed, Seal does have a serious side.    If it is time to work, this black pointing lab will make retrieves until she drops.  

What to expect from a seal pup?  

Bird Drive.  Great Shape both in body and in the head.  A well developed off switch and should be robust and long-lived.  

Seal is a really nicely shaped dog  She has a boxy head, otter tail, and slab-sided body.

I paired her with blockier square dogs like Capone and Lucas due to the fact that the dogs from this breeding should reflect the stocky, strong build of the parents.

Various Pictures of Seal 

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