CPR HPK's Ruby Red of L4L


Call Name: Ruby

Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever
Hips: OFA
Eyes: CERF
Color: Yellow (Red)
Size: 58 lbs
Whelped: 12/23/2016


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HPK’s Ruby Red of L4L:


Ruby is a handsome red female that traces her lines back to some HPK classics. Ruby is the daughter of an untitled dog HPK’s Radar O’Reilly. Reilly is a son of McGill’s Timber – who threw some great pointing dogs for kennel. Timber had a gorgeous head and build, as does his son Reilly. Timber was a hunting fool and a pointing machine – as is Reilly.

Ruby herself carries Timber and Reilly’s looks with a temperament that matches quite nicely. She is calm in the kennel – an easy-going agreeable dog, and a machine in the upland field. As an interesting side note, Ruby has been featured in Covey Rise Magazine as the “table of contents” photo. Pretty impressive sighting.

Ruby is well suited to hunting in the upland field, as well as the waterfowl arena. She is strong enough to bring back a goose, and has the energy to hunt all day in the upland field. In short, she is just like the type of dog that HPK seeks to produce. Good looking, hard hunting, and calm in the house/kennel. 

Various Pictures of Ruby 

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