CPR HPK's Just Keep Swimming


Call Name: Dori

Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever (APLA)
Hips: OFA Good
Eyes: CERF
Color: Yellow
Size: 78 lbs
Whelped: 09/30/2012


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HPK’s Just Keep Swimming:


So now I need to introduce you to Dori.

Dori is one of two CPR McGill’s Timber dogs I have at the kennel. I have been thrilled to finally get to breed this female.

She and her sister hold a special place in my heart because their father was my buddy — and constant hunting companion for 11 years.

I have attached a quick video of Dori here simply for you to view — She is quite hard to get on camera and when I do she keeps smiling at me.

Dori’s Sire was Timber — an 85 lb. red dog and Copper — and 85 lbs yellow female. The size of the sire and dam — when mixed with Bo’s blood is going to give us a larger litter. From there we get into the same logic as before.

The pedigree indicates we have some size here. Nugget is in the pedigree again. So is Corky — an therefore Brock too. Big dogs again.

One final note on Dori — Her sire has Helm’s Point Doctor in his pedigree who — in the Midwest — was a very famous pointing dog.

Thus far, we have only discussed why the dogs will be larger — but I want to take the time to note the titles here:

HPK’s Mr Bo Jangles:

  1. Grand Master Pointing Retriever
  2.  AKC Senior Hunter

Brocks Golden Nugget:

  1. Master Pointing Retriever

Cashzingers Cattail Corky:

  1. Grand Master Pointing Retriever
  2. American Pointing Labrador Association Hall of Fame Dog

“Brock” Wyvernaxe Audley:

  1. Master Hunting Retriever (NAHRA)
  2. AKC Master Hunter

Helms Point Doctor:

  1. No formal hunting title — simply a famous dog.

Various Pictures of Dori

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