4XGMPR HPK's Tempelton Rye SH

Call Name: Capone
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| Capone's Vitals

Titles Earned:  4X Grand Master Pointing Retriever & AKC Senior Hunter
OFA Good LR-215392G24M-VPI
Elbows: OFA Normal LR-EL68457M24-VPI
Eyes: OFA Clear
EIC: Clear by testing
CNM: Clear by testing
PRA:Clear by testing
Color: Yellow (Red)
Size: 70 lbs
Whelped: 6/04/13
Color Factor: Black & Yellow (Red)

Unique Factoid: 

Capone is the “Fox Red” phase of YELLOW — Remember “Fox Red” is not an official Labrador Retriever color.  

Capone’s Pedigree Highlights

Field Trial pedigree highlights

FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Jazztime MH (Hall of Fame)
FC AFC Blackwater Bart II
FC Red Oak Casey
NAFC-FC The Little Duke Of Fargo

APLA pedigree highlights

GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corkey (Hall of Fame)
MPR Brooks Golden Nugget (HAll of Fame Nominee)
GMPR Cajun of Black Forest MH (Hall of Fame)
GMPR Sir Hershey or Surrey (Hall of Fame)
4XGMPR HRCH HRK’s Rooster Smasher MH QAA
GMPR Wannamaker’s Hot Tub SH
2xGMPR Eli’s Blackjack Tori SH
GMPR Blackwater Lexus
GMPR Sirs Mighty Eli SH

Capone is located in Marshalltown, IA.

Should you need a reference about Capone please contact Mike Lettau at K&L Kennels:

www.kandlkennels.com or

Mike’s cell phone: 816-616-5942

Capone’s Photo Gallery

Capone is one heck of photogenic boy.  Here is a collection of some of our favorites.

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