4xGMPR HPK's Back In Black JH


Call Name: Onyx

Titles: 4x-GMPR & AKC JH
Hips: OFA Excellent
Eyes: CERF
Color: Black
Size: 65 lbs
Whelped: 05/18/2016


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 HPK’s Back In Black:

Onyx an awesome performing and looking dog.  She is the product of 4XGMPR Griz SH and 4XGMPR  Val SH and tips the scales at 65 lbs.  She sports a VERY pleasing shape with a square head, otter tail, and is slab-sided.  The dog looks like something out of a magazine. 

I have always maintained that a true HPK dog should be just as good in the home as they are in the field.   Onyx fits this description perfectly. She is quite in the kennel, rarely making a peep, and seems to truly get along with all other dogs and puppies. 

In the field, the dog is a machine.  She effortlessly glides through upland cover and has a point that is simply a joy to watch.  Her marking ability was similar to that of her parents, making most retriever work a breeze for this dog.  These reasons, along with the fact that she had an excellent pass rate, led us to continue with Onyx’s title work and take her all the way to a 4XGMPR / JH with senior passes.

SO what should a puppy buyer know about pups out of Onyx?  (1) Won’t be hard, but won’t be soft. Puppies should respond to your wishes with minimal work.  I would expect dogs out of onyx to make excellent hunting companions, pets, and you have enough in the tank to do field trial/hunt test work if you wish.  

Onyx is a rare product of 4XGMPR / SH parents.  She is also the granddaughter of GMPR Wannamakers Hot Tub SH.  Her first litter has already produced 3 titled dogs with a couple more on the way. We have received rave reviews on her pups and they also look as good as they are picking up training/hunting. 

Various Pictures of Onyx

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