4XGMPR Grizzly SH

Call Name: Griz
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| Griz's Vitals

Titles: 4X Grand Master Pointing Retriever & AKC Senior Hunter
Hips: OFA Excellent
Elbows: OFA Normal
Color Factor: Brown & Black (No Yellow)
Eyes: Clear
EIC: Clear by testing
CNM: Clear by testing
PRA: Clear by testing
Color: Brown
Size: 68 lbs 
Whelped: 10/3/09

Unique Factoid: 

Griz was, for a time, the youngest 4X Grand Master Pointing Retriever in APLA History. 

Griz’s Pedigree Highlights

Griz has a loaded pedigree including 6-Grand Master Pointing Retrievers, 7-Master Hunters, 8-Amateur Field Champions, 5-Field Champions,1-Qualified All Age, 1- 2xNational Amateur Field Champion, and 4- APLA Hall of Fame dogs! Some of the biggest names in the Pointing lab world and the Field Trial world have come together to create a truly exceptional animal!

Field Trial pedigree highlights

 FC HRCH Watermark’s Texas Welcome MH SRS Winner (Howdy)
2x-NAFC 2x-CNFC FC AFC Ebonstars Lean Mac (Maxx)
FC AFC HRCH Gator PT’s Sweet Potato Pie (Tadah)
AFC Trieven Twist And Shout MH

APLA pedigree highlights 

GMPR Cajun of Black Forest MH
MPR RattlinRidge’s Bronco Bill MH (Willie)
GMPR Sir Hershey or Surrey
GMPR MHR HRCH Blackdog’s Bonkerjohn Kate MH

Griz is located in Marshalltown, IA.

Should you need a reference about Griz please contact Mike Lettau at K&L Kennels:

www.kandlkennels.com or

Mike’s cell phone: 816-616-5942

We have some additional information to share about ‘ole Griz — Enjoy Reading!


Grizzly has really had an excellent career for him and his off-spring! So far through 2019, his offspring have done a great job in the APLA and AKC master level tests. The following dogs and their owners have titled this year:

Griz is a record-setting dog in the APLA by becoming the first 4X GMPR at less than 2 years of age. At 23 months of age he broke the previous record of his half brother by over 6 months. Griz also went 5/5 in AKC senior 1 year of age!

I also ran Griz in his and my first shoot to retrieve event and finished a very respectable third (it would have been 2nd if I shot better). This finish was over 28 traditional pointing breed dogs in the pointing division. The event was the Pheasants Forever National Quail Championship in Kansas City and put on by Bird Hunters United. We plan to run more of these events next year!

Griz is one of those special dogs that has a huge motor in the field, but is very controllable and wants nothing more than to be a team player. Griz has an unbelievable demeanor for a dog with his power. He is truly a gentleman that is extremely intelligent & confident, but doesn’t have a dominate bone in his body. He is an excellent marking dog and is rock solid steady at the line. Griz has been a natural pointing dog from day 1 and point’s way off birds. He is extremely reliable and is allowed to run big in the CRP fields of South Dakota or comes in close for the heavy cover sloughs of Iowa.

Griz will be siring litters for Hunters Point Kennel through out the years.

Griz is available for stud on a very limited basis to approved bitches and is located in Marshalltown, IA.

Contact Justin McGill @ hunterspointkennel@gmail.com  for details and availability.

Some of Griz’s Titled Offspring 

4xGMPR Wyatt the Swindler of HPK’s SH – Owner John Swindle (Griz x Molly)

2.5xGMPR HPK’s Nothing But Trouble MH (2015 Master National Qualified 6 MH passes!) – Owner Randall Crocker (Griz x Bailey)

4xGMPR HPK’s Lagavulin 16 Year For Grizzly SH – Owner Nate Hamblin (Griz x Bella)

HPK’s Roesco Trezona’s Pride MH (2015 Master National Qualified 6 MH passes!) – Owner Don & Lisa Trezona (Griz x Sugar)

GMPR Utah’s Black Rock River SH + AKC Master pass- Owner Tyce Erickson (Griz x Aspen)

GMPR TRL’s All Tuckered Out – (Griz x Piper)

GMPR HPK’s Miss Oakleigh’s Reign – Owner Jim Boykin (Griz x Dutch)

GMPR Duckwing Grizzly – (Griz x Piper)

APR Bocephus Grizzley MH – (Griz x Dutch)

HPK Feather Point’s Pepper SH – (Griz x Diva)

MPR Bandu’s Tripp of Lockdown Labs – (Griz x Moxie)

APR HPK Autumn Breeze of Knockafreghane JH – (Griz x Windy)

APR HPK’s Welcome to the Jungle JH – (Griz x Tika)

APR Yogi Get Ur Gun HPK – (Griz x Dove)

APR Red Rooster Chocolate Gold Abigail – (Griz x Piper)

APR NCK’s Dakota – (Griz x Winnie)

APR Frogvilles Little Grizzly Bear – (Griz x Sugar)


CPR Eli El Toro Of Hpk – (Griz x Bailey)

CPR HPK’s Tribute to the Mia dog – (Griz x Winnie)

CPR BPKs Take it to the Limit – (Griz x Belle)

CPR HPK’s Blowing Kisses in the wind – (Griz x Windy)

CPR Mackinaw Valley Champian Grinbella – (Griz x Bella)

CPR HPK’s Rita – (Griz x Bailey)

CPR BPKs Dixie In My Heart – (Griz x Belle)


CPR FHL’s Rip Roar’in Roxy of HPK – (Griz x Ripsey)


CPR Mocha smokes – (Griz x Dutch)

Griz’s Photo Gallery

Griz has been photographed many times over the years.  I am fairly certain we could publish a book of his pics.  In fact, that sounds like a great idea.  I think I will have to do that some day.  Until then, enjoy these.  

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