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How much is the deposit for a pointing lab puppy?

$250.00 for most litters
Occasionally we will have litters that require a larger deposit, but that will be clearly marked.

What is the purpose of a deposit?

The deposit will secure your puppy reservation for a particular litter, color, and gender.

At the time a deposit is put down, we need to know a color, and gender — the deposit can be applied to a specific litter down the line once we decide on a breeding to fit your needs.

The date the deposit is received secures the selection order of a litter. For Example:

  • Lets say one of our females had a litter of puppies — we will call her “Lady” Lady has 8 yellow puppies, 4 Females and 4 Males.
  • Lets pretend that Larry wants to reserve a puppy — so he selects “Lady’s” litter and puts down a deposit on a yellow female. Lets pretend that Larry gets in the first deposit on “Lady’s” litter — as a result, he gets the first selection of a yellow female puppy on the selection day.
  • The date the deposit is received directly correlates to the order puppies are selected.

Is my deposit refundable?

DDeposits are refundable under the following conditions:

  • The female does not have the color/sex of puppy the customer put the deposit on. (i.e. Customer wants a yellow female and the female does not have a yellow female)
  • The female does not have ENOUGH puppies of the right color and sex. (i.e. Customer has the 4th deposit on a yellow female and the dog only has 3 yellow females)

Deposits are NOT refundable under the following conditions:

  • We make the color and sex the customer has a deposit on and the customer has to back out.

Do I need to put down a deposit on a specific litter?

Visit our current litters page — this will allow you to find specific planned litters and reserve one of them.

Welcome to our deposit page! Please feel free to use this page to enter your deposit if you know what color and sex you want — you have just not settled on a litter. We will work with you to pick a litter in the future — and this allows you to get in line. This page is designed to allow you, the customer, to get on our waiting list.

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