Jump Started Dogs

for Sale…

Well what the heck does that mean???   What kinda dogs are they?  Are they puppies?  Are they started dogs? 

In a few words, yes.  And no.   (Great answer huh?  I should be a politician)

 On this page I wanted to take some time and showcase some older puppies.  Are they started dogs?   Heck no….still way too young.  Are they 8 week old pups?  Nada.  A bit too old.  They are in the middle.  They have been around some guns, some people, some water, and some birds.   

What do puppies in the middle mean to the average guy?  Simple.  Excellent dogs at possibly a reduced price.  

Why would we reduce the price?  Simple, really.  Supply and demand.  

Want to read about how dogs come to be listed on this page VS. the Current Litters Page?  Click Here!

None available at this time!