HPK Trading Company

Welcome to our Online Store for Offical HPK Gear.  

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out.

Several days ago (May 2020) we posted the above picture of a good looking kennel owner in an HKP sweatshirt on our social media channels.  Immediately we had folks asking us where they could go to buy these good looking sweatshirts.

(I completely understand, why wouldn’t you want to look as good as the guy in the picturewink Bahahahah)

SO…our tech genius’s and the multiple computer geeks we keep on staff figured out a way for us to offer HPK swag through another company — Snow Creek Apparel.

How the Store Works  — READ ME 

  • We will open up the store for a period of time — typically a period of weeks. 
  • Once the period of time has been reached — the store will close orders will be processed and orders shipped out.  
  • This way we can build to suit — and don’t have to stock inventory.  
  • All orders will ship directly to the customer!  
  • Thanks — and Enjoy!