4XGMPR Capone SH -X- CPR Pepper — Black and Yellow Pointing Lab Puppies


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Big, Square, Driven, Talented, with Amazing Looks.

I am excited as all get out to see what this litter matures into. We went looking for a high drive chocolate, and found one in Woodrow. Woodrow is an athletic 85 lb chocolate dog from Okoboji Game Farm. The Dog is Big, Square, and Driven.

Woodrow's Accomplishments are impressive and through his career include:

*Top Chocolate Male Derby Dog in 2015 (24 pts)
*Masters Title 2016
*QA2 Title 2016
*Qualified for Master National 2016, 2017, 2018
*Qualified for Master Amateur 2017, 2018 (Passed), 2019
*Earned CPR, MPR, GMPR 2018, 4XGMPR 2019

Stella is one heck of a sweet little Certified Pointing dog. She is smaller in size (55lbs) which allows her to glide through the upland bird field with grace and elegance very similar to her mother CP HPK’s Blowin in the Wind. Stella is a Griz daughter as well -- which means two things: (1) she has one hell of a bird drive and (2) she has one heck of an off switch. Stella is the type of dog that is comfortable doing whatever it is that we ask of her. She is a steady upland bird dog, a capable waterfowl dog, and a great companion when out of the field.

She is consistent -- steady -- and ready to go to work.
So you hunt birds every day of the week? Her pups will work just fine. The dog’s tenacity will surprise you. Hunt on the weekends only? Her pups will work there as well...the rest of the week she will be a great companion content to curl up by the fire. Chasing Mallards in the marsh? I would say you will be good there as well.
The next logical question, is; What do we expect from the pups?

Males 65-85 lbs. | Females 55-65 lbs.
medium build in the females, stocky build in the males,
Easy going temperament around the house, but high enough bird drive and drive to please and do the work .
Well suited for those that want a hell of hunting dog, and an excellent family companion.

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Yellow Female, Black Male, Black Female

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