4XGMPR Bear SH -X- CPR Cherry — Black and Yellow Pointing Lab Puppies


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4XGMPR Bear SH -X- CPR Cherry’s litter is traditional Hunters Point combination of pedigrees that will make die hard HPK customers drool over.

Bear is – well, he is what you would expect from a dog named Bear.85 lbs. of big, square headed, thick coated, loveable Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He brings his size, drive, and considerable hunting talents to the party in this litter.He also brings his off switch. The dog can go from hunting machine to couch potato in 30 seconds truly an impressive transformation that would make Clark Kent and Superman jealous.Bear is Griz’s son – both are 4XGMPR/SH dogs.Both are amazing in the field and have made many people happy with their puppies over the years.

Cherry is a daughter of GMPR Bo SH & CPR Cherry -- Mother to Capone, and Brandy. Cherry is a daughter of BOTH MPR Brocks Golden Nugget & Hall of Fame Dog GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corky. Honestly this little critter has more raw talent than MANY of the dogs I have been around. She passed her CP test with VERY little training. She loves to retrieve, loves to hunt, and is cuter than a bugs ear. Cherry is not large -- only about 55 lbs. But she is 55 lbs that is sure to impress.

Hunt upland game? Watch these dogs impress.

Hunt waterfowl? These pups will keep handle it.

Need a buddy? Not a problem.

This litter will be medium sized, with loads of talent.

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