4XGMPR Woodrow MH QA2 -X- CPR Snowy — Black and Chocolate Pointing Lab Puppies

Down Payment Only — Remainder Due at Pick-up
Puppies estimated whelp date:  June 3 through June 9, 2020

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I really, really like this litter of pups.

Yes, I realize that it is my job to sell pups out of my dogs.  I tell people all the time, that I only make litters of puppies that I like -- and I truly believe that statement.  However once in a while in this business, you get a litter of puppies that you would love to keep a dog out of.  This is one of those litters.

Do I like the other litters of pups we have for sale right now? Yep.  Is this litter right for everyone out there?  Nope.

But I say again, I really, really like this litter of puppies.

So the obvious question is then – why jackass – why do you like this litter of puppies.

  • Drive.
  • Looks.
  • Color.
  • Temperament.

Drive.  Snowy is a high drive dog.  Period.  She is always on. Wants to go, wants to move, wants to hunt. She is as intense as her mother HPK’s Brown Sugar was many years ago.  Sugar was a hunting fool – and made some hellacious hunting dogs.  4XGMPR Woodrow MH QA2  is a hell of a bird dog in his own right.  Competing in both APLA, AKC Hunt Tests, and AKC Field trials?  Talk about wearing many different hats.  Combine them and a guy should have a dog with LOTS of drive. Lots of drive to retrieve, lots of drive to hunt birds – simply a driven dog.

And now is when I will lose several readers…Because nobody wants a crazy lab that will tear their house apart right? Be patient folks, keep reading.

Looks.  Sugar’s head was beautiful.  Snowy’s head is pretty darn nice as well. Woodrow – is well – Woodrow.  Dont let the poor quality of the photography of him fool you. He is a damn fine-looking animal and is actually larger than our dog Bear.  The pups from this litter should simply look awesome.

Color. Black & Chocolate.  

Temperament.  I already said the dogs will have the drive, right?  Well, guess what? Woodrow will bring a calmness to these dogs that will make their off switch distinct.  Looking for a dog that will lay around the house after your out of the field……but still have that motor that we all want?  Look no further.  These dogs will be an excellent combination of house/hunting dogs.

I really, really like this litter of puppies….maybe I mentioned that before in this description.

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