4XGMPR Woodrow MH QA2 -X- CPR Rita — Chocolate Pointing Lab Puppies

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Puppies estimated whelp date:  April 25th, 2020

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Woodrow is one heck of a nice dog.  Big, Strong, and titled in hunt tests and field trials.  One of the complaints we have gotten over the years is that pointing labs have gotten smaller and smaller as the years have passed.  Woodrow is not part of that situation at all.  This dog is big -- 85-90 lbs worth of big.  This dog is strong -- big Canada's retrieved in the river all day long kinda strong.  If you are one of those folks that do lots of waterfowl hunting AND upland bird hunting consider this dog as your stud.

CPR HPK's Summer Wind (Rita) is one heck of a nice dog.  Being the daughter of 4XGMPR Griz SH, she is calm and cool with a thinking personality.  She tends to analyze situations rather than just charge in with a full head of steam.

So...the pups out of this cross?  First of all, they will be all chocolate. Really dark, and very smooth coats.  Secondly -- they will be square in shape and sturdy animals.  Rita has a habit of producing larger Males.  Males 70-85 lbs.  |  Females 60 - 75 lbs.

Off switch?  Yep.  Family Dog, Yep.  No issues here.  Hunting dog FIRST, but will be fine off duty.


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