4XGMPR Kuba -X- CPR Cash — Yellow Pointing Lab Puppies

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Puppies estimated whelp date:  April 30th, 2020

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Big, Square, and Tall.  Classic Labrador Retriever Looks.  Classic Labrador Retriever Personality.

I am excited as all get out to see what this litter becomes.  As we previously discussed, we went looking for a talented, amazing looking dog and found one in Kuba.  He is a cool calm customer at the line and in the home and kennel. But when Kuba hits the upland field he is a MONSTER!  His puppies will make excellent hunting dogs in both the upland field and the waterfowl arena.  He also has a very chill personality at home.  Furthermore, check out his color!  -- its almost white. 

Cash is a tall handsome red dog that comes out of classic HPK lines.  Corky and Nugget line bred female.  

The next logical question, is; What do you expect from the pups?

  • Males 70-85 lbs. | Females 60-65 lbs.
  • Long and tall build, Broad chests, square, pleasing shapes.
  • Easy going temperament around the house, but bird drive enough and drive to please.
  • These dogs are well suited for someone who wants a family companion and a hunting dog.  These dogs will excell in the looks department.  

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Yellow Female, Yellow Male, Black Male, Black Female

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