4XGMPR Griz -X- CPR Elley — Choc and Black Pointing Lab Puppies

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Puppies estimated whelp date:  June 16 through June 22, 2020

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4XGMPR Griz SH -X- CPR Elley are going to be pointing machines. That one statement is the best description of this litter of puppies that I can come up with 4XGMPR Griz SH was, for a time, the youngest 4XGMPR in the history of the APLA. Elley consistently points 15 yards off the birds. Combine the two – and lookout.

Griz has a drive that does not stop – until he sees a couch. Then all bets are off. Honestly, the dog thinks his backside should always sleep on the couch. In my mind, he honestly defines the off switch that we are shooting for at HPK. The dog loves to hunt and loves to be the best friend a family could hope for. The dog is an excellent upland dog and an excellent waterfowl dog in a compact handsome package.

Elley is one of my favorite pointing females of all time. Much like one of our other dogs, Stormy, she just makes me smile. Small, compact, and plenty of spunk defines this dog. She points well off the bird and has a relentless drive in the field. Her father is GMPR HPK’s Mr. Bo Jangles (Bo) SH and it shows in her field work.

The dogs in this litter are not going to finish at an overly large weight. (55-70 lbs)They are going to be smaller “boat” dogs. You know what a boat dog is right? You can grab them with one hand and pitch them in the boat! 😊

Relentless Upland bird hunters that are pointing machines.

Will make good waterfowl dogs – but due to their smaller size, you’re going to want to stick to smaller water.

Excellent small space dogs. Live in a city? Great dog for you. Live in an apartment? Great place to start.

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