4XGMPR Capone -X- CPR Cherry — Yellow (and some Fox Red) Pointing Lab Puppies

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Puppies estimated whelp date:  June 9 through June 15, 2020

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Do you like a smaller dog? With the "red" color phase of yellow?

Then this might be the litter for you.

Capone and Cherry is a repeat breeding for us here at HPK. In the past, this has produced well built, handsome smaller dogs. Females in the 55-60 lb range. Males in the 65-70 lb range. Their heads will be good looking, but not shaped like a barrel. These dogs will be well suited to hunting everything but big water. (when I mean big water, I am talking Chesapeake Bay big water -- they are just not large enough)

  • Midwest river hunting? Yep.
  • Upland cover of all type? Absolutely.

The feedback we have gotten on this litter indicates the pups are: Excellent hunting dogs, with plenty of drive, and they tend to be easy to control. We have also been told a good scolding won't hurt their feelings allowing for a more forgiving dog. 

I was speaking with a gentleman the other day who stated "I truly have enjoyed this dog. He hunts when I want to hunt, and sits on my couch when I am watching the football game, and rides in the combine with me during the fall." He went on to clarify that he does not hunt big water, just small ponds and marshes. "I love the fact that when he is in his dog vest, I can throw him in the boat with one hand" the gentleman went on to say. 

This to me, is what this Capone and Cherry litter is all about. A good hunting dog, calm family companion, and a dog that is controllable.

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Puppy Color and Sex

Yellow Female, Yellow Male, Choc Female, Black Male, Black Female, Choc Male

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