4XGMPR Capone SH -X- CPR Cessna — Black and Yellow Pointing Lab Puppies

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Puppies whelped:  Monday, 2/17/2020
Go Home Date:  Sat, 4/11/2020

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Capone is a burly, stocky, red-colored 4XGMPR/SH dog that excels in the upland field, and is none to shabby a retriever to boot. He does his lineage proud, as he is the son of 4XGMPR GRHRCH HRK's Rooster Smasher of TGK MH QAA. Those individuals who follow pedigrees are very aware of Rooster, and those who don't simply need to do a google search to see what an accomplished dog he was.

Capone crashes through upland cover like a bull moose crashes through the Canadian undergrowth. At the same time, the dog has the required off switch we require of all our breeding stock. Capone is perfectly content to sit by your side in a duck blind or curl up on your couch next to you on a chilly fall evening. The dog is simply a joy to be around and work with.

Cessna is a handsome, shiny black dog that to me is what a female dog should look like.  Her head is pleasing to look at, and her body is slab-sided.  Cessna's coat is soft and shiny -- and the analogy has been used before -- but it reminds me of a freshly washed black sports car. Truly a unique combination of looks and performance, the dog is bird finding and retrieving machine. Unlike Capone, who crashes through the underbrush -- Cessna tends to glide noiselessly through the cover.  She has quite a bit of spirit, is very definitely not a wallflower.  Does that mean she is stubborn?  No.  Does that mean she is hard to work with?  No.  It means she has a very high level of drive.  It is, however, controllable, and when she is directed in the right direction -- she is one hell of a hunting dog.

The dog literally flies through the field and is quite capable of handling some pressure.  She will work with you,and for you.  

NOW then what to expect from the puppies.  First, off they are not going to be huge.  Males 75 ish...Females 55-60 ish.  Boat sized dogs.  These dogs will be DRIVEN.  If you like dogs that like to GO this litter will be fun for you.  That being said, I believe they will make good dogs around kids, and in the home -- but make no bones about it, you're going to have some puppy in them for the first couple years.  If it helps your decision making process -- I will be keeping one of the dogs from this litter for the kennel.  🙂

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