4XGMPR Bear SH -X- CPR Sugar Smack — Black and Yellow Pointing Lab Puppies


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4XGMPR Bear SH -X- CPR Sugar Smack -- Black and Yellow Pointing Lab Puppies


This litter is one that simply makes me smile. 4XGMPR Bear SH is a big dog. 87 lbs of big happy chocolate Labrador retriever. I once told someone that when you own a kennel, you are required by some unwritten law to have one dog named Bear. He so happens to be ours -- and we are blessed by the fact that he is one hell of a hunting dog as well. The son of 4XGMPR Griz SH, Bear follows quite nicely in his fathers footsteps. Bear is a 4XGMPR in his own right having achieved this level of testing under the capable hands of Mike Lettau at K&L Kennels. Bear is tall land leggy, easily able to look me in the eye when he stands on his back legs. He is relentless in the field -- and has the added bonus of being calm enough to make an excellent house dog.

The other half of the pedigree -- Sugar Smack -- is a sweet little CPR dog from Vaider (and Raider in turn) lines. The little dog is bird crazy though and is a joy to watch work. She literally is one of the few dogs that I remember "smiling" as she runs through the field. Compact, but pleasing, this is truly a match-up of the small and the large.

So -- what to expect? Males 65-80 lbs. Females 55-70 lbs. Bear will throw the "white" phase of yellow. Sugar Smack is bordering on white herself with no chocolate factor. Therefore we SHOULD get White and Black pups. Like a newspaper.....or an old TV......

Looking forward to what these dogs will produce. It should be Amazing!!!!

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